Gina M. McNea Takes The Chaos Out Of The Law

Legal issues are stressful, and complicated legal jargon can make your situation seem impossible to navigate. Attorney Gina McNea is a former social worker who understands the value of clear communication and expectation setting. She wants to be the only attorney you ever need.

Straight-Forward Family Law And Criminal Defense Aid In Sandusky

Our Unique Perspective On The Law

As a former social worker in close contact with state and local prosecutors, family courts and other departments, attorney Gina M. McNea has seen how the law impacts people’s daily lives. She has experienced firsthand the ways that divorce, convictions and legal uncertainty alter family and interpersonal dynamics and your financial future. This experience informs every aspect of our practice.

Whatever your legal issue, you need to trust your attorney with intimate details of your life and know that your attorney will act on your behalf while respecting your boundaries and vulnerabilities. At Gina M. McNea, our legal team works together to identify your best options and help you pursue the goals you set for your future.

Our Practice Areas

Family Law

Criminal Defense

Estate Planning

Business And Real Estate

How Can Gina M. McNea Help You?

Our firm strives to offer a comprehensive list of legal services. No one expects to have a legal problem, but when you do, we work hard to ensure you have a resource at the ready. Our list of legal services includes:

  • Navigating family matters and child custody
  • Defending you from criminal allegations like drunk driving or domestic violence
  • Planning for your family and your estate management in the event of your passing
  • Creating stable and functional business entities and real estate development ventures

If you are worried about a legal dispute or complication changing your life, Gina M. McNea will guide you through. We ensure you understand what is happening, the challenges you face and the options available to you.

Get Experienced And Compassionate Assistance

We are proud to welcome you to our office. If you have a legal issue in Ohio and need help, we are ready to review your case and get you answers. Contact our office by phone at 419-504-0617 or by email to request an appointment today.

The Law Is Intimidating, But You Are Not Alone