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Do You Need Help With Probate Or Estate Planning?

Estate planning is always a sensitive topic. Most people like to think of it as something they can do tomorrow. You know what they say about tomorrow. Don’t wait. Planning an estate can be simple and straightforward or may require a much more complex structure.

At Gina M. McNea Co., L.P.A., our attorney will sit down with you, review your assets, your liabilities and your family situation, and help your work through your goals. You may only need a simple will, or you may need a more complex estate plan using multiple trusts.

This Is Really Personal

Estate planning is always very personal. Your goals are unique and specific, so your estate plan will need to be just as unique and specific to your family and your future. Our attorney is experienced with reviewing these elements and providing you with an estate plan that meets your goals.

Our firm creates estate plans that include:

    • Wills
    • Health care power of attorney
    • Financial power of attorney
    • Revocable living trusts
    • Irrevocable trust
    • Transfer of death affidavits

Do You Need Assistance With Estate Administration Or An Ohio Probate?

An estate plan may be able to eliminate the need for going through a probate of an estate. But if someone dies without a comprehensive estate plan designed for this purpose, or if assets are outside the plan, probate proceedings will be necessary.

Our attorney can assist with all elements of the administration process. Probate can be complex, and it is typically less expensive to hire a lawyer at the start, rather than attempt on your own and then encounter difficulties that lead to increased costs and time-consuming litigation or disputes between family members.

Let Us Guide You Through The Estate Planning Or Probate Process

Our firm is located in Sandusky and we provide experienced legal representation to clients throughout the following counties: Erie, Huron, Sandusky, Lorain, and Ottawa. $100 consultation fee applied at the time of meeting and accept credit cards. Our attorney is approachable and makes dealing with your legal concerns just that much less stressful. Call us at 419-504-0617 or use our contact form online.